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Sharwari Kulkarni

Co-founder, MakeShift

Sharwari is an engineer turned educator and education program manager. She has 8 years of multidisciplinary experience in program design, management, innovation, teaching, training and content development in education. With a taste for academics and research, she loves to work on taking new initiatives for solving community problems specifically to education and skill development. She believes that empowering educators to innovate is important in order to bring the systemic change. She holds MTech in Biomedical Engineering from VIT, Vellore and MA in Education from TISS, Mumbai.

Ruchira Sawant

Co-founder, MakeShift

Ruchira has 7 years of experience in teaching school students working on conceptual and hands-on teaching. She is a Maker, Science, Empathy and Design Educator with a keen interest in developing higher-order thinking skills of learners. She is a well-known public speaker and space, science and feature writer in Marathi with a publishing record in major Marathi and English newspapers. She believes in creating complementary systems to school education for building a bridge between real world and academics is important. She holds Bachelors degree in Physics from Mumbai University.

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